All about ‘SLEEVES’! – Balloon sleeves :)

Hi guys! How are you all? The final statement sleeve that should be added to your wardrobe right now is BALLOON sleeves. While extra-long sleeves are stretched out, balloon sleeves are puffed up to be wide. The round style is then gathered at the end, so the overall shape resembles a semi-deflated balloon. This unique sleeve plays with proportion in a way that’s different to all the other statement sleeves, which is why you need it.

The voluminous design looks particularly great when paired with a fitted bodice and worn with cropped, straight or wide-leg pants. Add some accessories only if you wear block colours and want to add some colour pop.



Outfit Details-
Crop Top, Neck piece- Sarojini Nagar
Skirt- Myntra
Stilettos – Forever new
Picture Credits– Asmita Khodankar​
Makeup – Minnie Sethi

If you ever catch yourself wondering, “what to wear with different kind of sleeves,” come back to this post and use it for inspiration.

Stay tuned for more posts like these as FASHION IS A CREED TO BELIEVE IN.

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  2. Sunaina Das says:

    Wow Lovely post 👌🏻 🤗 loved the outfit 👌🏻
    Check out my latest post on Spring Fashion Trends | 2017 – Spring Fashion Trends | 2017 – SUNAINA DAS

    Hope you will like it 🤗
    Xoxo 💗


  3. hermhiplifi says:

    Heyy ..I just got to know about u from your sister rhythm….nd i found your blog soo good nd inspiring❤❤…..I have also jst started fashion blogging …do follow me back ☺️


    1. thepinkcreed says:

      Thank you so much :* I will surely see it 😀 ❤

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  4. hermhiplifi says:

    Lovely pics …I got to know about you from your cousin rythm…..nd I found your blog so good…as I have also just started fashion blogging do checkout my blog nd follow me back ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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