Go BOHO this Monsoon!


Hey there! How are y’all doing? So are you all enjoying the Delhi monsoon? I know the traffic becomes a pain in this season but c’mon monsoon has a different kind of charm altogether. Don’t you just love the smell of wet soil and the sound of rain drops? I enjoy this weather the most with my favorite playlist running on a loop.


Since it was pouring a lot, I decided to go for this Bohemian styled outfit. My outfit includes essentials like waterproof footwear and of course, a quirky umbrella. I chose to go Boho for monsoons with my off shoulder top and Fringes Hem Crochet Lace Mini shorts.

The outfit required very little assistance when it came to accessories so I stuck to a waterproof pair of thong style flats, different colored and design bangles & a lot of long chains combined to form a choker! For a contrasting pop of colour, a rusty pink off shoulder did the trick.


Outfit details
Off Shoulder- Zara
Shorts and Bangles-Forever21
Footwear- Westside
Neck chains- Accessorize
Stay tuned for more posts like these as FASHION IS A CREED TO BELIEVE IN.

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  1. Kavya says:

    Great work ❤️


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