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Sporty chic trend has been around for some time and keeps taking the spotlight every now and then. Sneaker, sweatshirts, hot pants, joggers, etc. are not only for the gym anymore. You can now wear them on the street without a slightest sign of remorse.

What’s not to love? It’s a wining combo of sporty yet comfy and with a few easy tricks you would be ready to strut your stuff down center court.


1. When pulling off the sporty trend, make sure you wear more chic pieces than sporty ones. Here, to add onto my chic-ness, I wore a plain white crotia- worked top, rather than opting for a sweatshirt.


2. Break the monotony by doing some quirky hairdo or accessorizing your outfit with some sporty bands.

3. If you’re going with sneakers, some dazzle is required. After all, you need some bling to score this sporty look. My gold studded sneakers did exactly that. If you have some regular sneakers, you could buy some studs or precious looking stones & add them on your shoes(your helper: YouTube)



Outfit Details-
top- Forever21
Shoes- Gifted
Shorts- Self designed
Stay tuned for more posts like these as FASHION IS A CREED TO BELIEVE IN.

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NOT TO FORGET, As I promised, my next post would have some quick easy DIY, you could do with your scarf. Stay connected! ❤

Picture Credits- Mehak Batra.



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